Hey :)

I’m Ola,

I’ve loved reading since I can remember, which goes quite far back to the time when I was three years old and forced my parents to teach me (mainly so I knew when they skipped out parts of the bedtime story). Over the years, I have gathered a little collection of 600 beautiful paperback and hardbacks, with stories which enchanted my heart into wanting more and more.


Earlier this year, my mother (an e-reader enthusiast) encouraged me to give the Kindle a go – and since then, I have been reading more than ever. My main goal for this blog is to start keeping track of what I read and share the charm of reading with other people and maybe encourage them to embark on their own journey with books and literature. I hope to post reviews weekly or fortnightly, depending on my school schedule and general time I will have. Most of the time the reviews will be posted on a Saturday, though I may do smaller updates during the week. The majority of my reviews will be on YA Fiction, Fantasy and Paranormal books as those are the genres which have captured my heart. If that changes at any point I will make sure to give a heads-up 😀

            “He that loves reading has everything within his reach.”

William Godwin


Feel free to share your thoughts below :)

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