Series Review : Fallen World Series – Megan Crewe

way we fall coverthe lives we lost coverthe worlds we make cover Synopsis:  The Fallen World trilogy, by Megan Crewe, tells the story of teenaged Kaelyn Weber after a mysterious deadly virus starts to spread through her island community.

I apologize for my prolonged absence – I was overwhelmed with school work and if I’m perfectly honest, quite lazy. This laziness mixed with dispassionate rendezvous with my laptop screen resulted in what I’d like to say was writer’s block-  but greatly doubt it was.


First off, I have to say that I absolutely loved the character development , the defenseless, confusedly smitten with her best-friend who doesn’t love her back, somewhat socially inept girl we are presented with at the beginning of the first book flourished into a real leader who handled (most) situations with a real maturity right until the end of the trilogy. Said evolution caused a bit of problem as it took me a while to engage in the story – especially because the first book was written as a journal for her best friend, Leo.

However after the slow start, I was more than eager to find out the fates of the characters as the story unfolded. The plot itself was well written and quite convincing when it came to the circumstances and the diversity of reactions the characters displayed when faced with such a huge problem. Crewe also weaves in the issues of race and sexuality in a way that is not overly flashy nor pretentious which is something that many authors fail to achieve.

One of the things that slightly annoyed me was the ending of the first book. Only because the cliffhanger was in my opinion, unnecessary. Anyhow, this wasn’t a big obstacle for me as I already had the rest of the trilogy safely on my Kindle, waiting to be read; but I can see where earlier readers may have had a problem.

The second book added a lot more action into the story and thankfully resolved most of the questions I had at the end of the first one.  I enjoyed meeting the new characters and prayed to god that they wouldn’t get killed off – which I was grateful lasted almost till the end of the second book when someone not mentioning any names **COUGH COUGHmurdererCreweCOUGHCOUGH** went:supernatural BAMAnd just completely left me like:

i dont think i can ever forgive you for thisSeriously…

That was a cruel move. A really unnecessarily heartless move which crushed my feelings (however much temporarily – I was distraught!)

So at this point, I had very much reached the beginning of book three which only caused me to go into a deep state of denial in which I’m still wallowing….  Despite that The Worlds We Make was my favourite out of the three – whilst many conclusions of trilogies do this thing where everything is magically resolved; Crewe deftly brought about more problems which had me turning pages as though my life depended on it. They were true to the characters’ situation- the normal ones like having to look for petrol for the vehicles they were using as well as the more unconventional ones like facing the Wardens. I thought they added a sense of realism that many books of this genre lacked.

Nearing the end of the book, the plot took a detour to a land which I wasn’t sure I actually liked at first. I was still standing proud on board of a ghost ship very much in this mindset:

i will go down with this shipNonetheless, I am ashamed to say, a number of heartfelt conversations and maybe a few kisses later I was squealing about Kaelyn and Leo as though Gav never existed (although any mentions of his name still brought a rather large ache to my chest).

One thing I would have really liked to see was a continuation of Kae’s story – the road back to the camp with Leo to reunite with Meredith, and the return to the island itself. But I guess that was the point of the novella (which I will definitely read at some point). Apart from that, the third book concluded the fantastic trilogy in a way that felt right and didn’t leave too many questions open ended.

Fans of thought-provoking apocalyptic YA Fiction, behold three books you should definitely read this year (rejoice at the fact that all three are actually out and that you will not have to suffer at each cliff-hanger ending).

My rating: 4/5 stars 

“This is what we do. We make tea and read books and watch people die.”

-Kaelyn Weber


Feel free to share your thoughts below :)

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