Series Review: The Blemished Series – Sarah Dalton

the blemished cover the vanished cover the unleashed cover

Short Synopsis: In a world filled with stunning clones Mina Hart is Blemished. Her genes are worthless and that takes away her rights: her right to an Education, her right to a normal life and her right to have a child.

The Vanished are the forgotten: those who live beyond law or society. Mina fought for freedom. She fought for a better life – a future. But even a free world can decay.

Mina’s world is turned upside down as an important person from her past materialises to take her away from the Compound. She finds herself separated from her friends and facing life-changing decisions on her own.

Yet again, apologies for my disappearance – I have been quite unwell in the past few weeks but all should return to normal now and reviews should be posted weekly/fortnightly.


Unfortunately – this series was a let down, quite a big one at that – I chose to read the book after the concept of it intrigued me – a country ruled by ‘designer babies’ with people who couldn’t afford the price cast off into the ghettos, living as second class citizens- what’s not to like?

Whilst the first book was okay , it was nothing more than that. The characters and their stories were rather two-dimensional, and Mina was sliiiightly irresponsible in my opinion – telling someone you only just met your possibly life-threatening secret which ruined the life you had in another part of  the country isn’t exactly the brightest thing to do and usually doesn’t end well. What more, I actually expected the romance part of the story to play out a lot better than Dalton handled it. The boys weren’t exactly ‘wow’ inducing – whilst Daniel was okay most of the time, Sebastian began to annoy me by mid first book – especially after one of his encounters with Mina. The love square really slowed down the pace of the story as well as just plainly bugged me most of the time seeing as it came complete with the insta-love I usually despise in 95% of the cases. I have to say that the ending surprised me, despite the ever so slight tragedy, it was probably the only part of the book where I felt that it was a page-turner.

However… any hope created by the ending of the first book was let down by the second which suffered from one of the worst cases of the Second Book Syndrome that I have encountered lately which was a shame seeing as most of the time I actually wanted to stop reading and just sat there like

rapunzel facepalm


Despite that, I really enjoyed meeting the other Freaks, I loved Hiro – the contrast between his age and his mentality was really well executed and I felt that he was a great addition to the story.

The third book immediately had me suspicious with the multiple POV writing ( I stared at the page warily thinking who was going to die). Out of the three of them, it was the most intense, with a major character being reintroduced into the story. Whilst it was better written than the previous two, there were points where I could easily predict what was going to happen next and I was practically yelling dont!

yet of course, they all did it and just ended up getting into more trouble which in turn lead me to points where I just felt like ripping my hair out, or ripping them to shreds for being so stupid, or both because ya know, multitasking. One situation in particular was not only not believable in the slightest ( I mean, what looked like a resolute authority figure got tricked by a plan which wasn’t exactly the world’s most complex evil ) but also seriously annoying. Despite that,  I quite enjoyed meeting Mina’s frenemy Elena, in slightly different circumstances, I thought that her character really developed within the trilogy – despite not having much page-time.

All in all, I had higher hopes for books of this genre, and the last book in my eyes diverted the trilogy from the tragic destination I had believed it would go in. I don’t believe I will be returning to these books anytime soon, but would recommend to fans of vaguely dystopian novels who are not annoyed by love squares and silly decisions.

My rating: 2.5/5 stars

“Because your little inspirational speech was about as uplifting as a kitten funeral.”



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