ARC Review: Stars Melt to Milk – Brittany Touris

Synopsis:stars melt to milk cover

Nineteen-year-old Janis has just started renting out her first studio for her dance school, Roc Ballet. Despite her troubled past, she’s beginning her adult life and things look promising.

Charlie is her nineteen-year-old boyfriend of two years. He’s always been supportive of Janis, telling her, “[you] need to do something that would get [your] blood pumping and make [you] raise [your] voice a little.” But as Janis’ future materializes, Charlie realizes just how lost he is.

Charlie is infatuated with the idea of finding a career he loves as much as Janis loves ballet. But he hasn’t done much since high school. Charlie finally decides to quit his job and dedicate all his time to find something he wants to do with his life. His mom, who is supporting him financially, isn’t too happy with this idea.

Charlie’s fear of the future starts to affect their relationship. They find themselves fighting more. And in the middle of all of this, the thing all confused young adults fear most happens – Janis becomes pregnant.

Janis is ready to handle this challenge and move to a new stage in her life, but Charlie isn’t quite there. Switching perspectives between the two of them, we discover whether or not love can survive everything.

I received an eARC copy of this book from Smith Publicity via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

It is EXTREMELY rare that I do not finish a book, and by extremely I mean that I haven’t EVER put a book on the DNF file… And yet, somehow this book landed in that exact place

 I gave it a chance – a good 17% at that which amounts to around 70 pages… which I deemed enough to be able to justify ditching it – it just didn’t look like it was going to get any better and I really didn’t want to risk a book slump at the point in the year where I can actually get some reading done before exam period starts.

So, what provoked me? The incredibly slow pace of the novel was probably one thing that irked me the most; scenes that deserved some page-time got what felt like a split second and some that seemed slightly unnecessary were given what felt like a whole chapters worth…

This probably wasn’t helped by the fact that one of the MCs was a whiny little child trapped in a grown-ass man’s body… yeah, there simply isn’t any other way to describe Charlie. And whilst I largely suspect that he was depressed, and maybe even suicidal from some of the thoughts that crossed his head – his behaviour was often that of a petulant brat and whilst Janice was quite a bland character for me, I felt quite sorry for her and simultaneously impressed at the fact that she was still with him, with the way he constantly behaved.

Janice herself was probably the only half-good thing about the book. Other than her slight infidelity which she seemed really confused about judging.gif

I mean… Either stick with your boyfriend you claim to love or go with the other guy… Don’t sit on the fence and go back and forth for a few chapters whilst berating yourself for it. I simply cannot stand any cheating in books – it is simply unforgivable and Janice’s case annoyed me no less.

I really liked how Touris presented her ballet classes, those scenes were probably my favourites, those and the dance studio itself were definitely highlights of the book to the point where I finished reading.

Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to the story one day, maybe my rating is based on me not really connecting with the characters due to still being a young’un, perhaps I’ll understand them better at another point of my life. But until that point I cannot give the book a better rating in my review.

My Rating: 1/5 Stars

“I felt like the car would take us anywhere; I felt free.”

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