A Howler’s Party

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may already be aware that the 22nd of February had been a great day. Those of you who don’t and have somehow missed the hype of Pierce Brown’s first UK tour (we’ve all missed something once or twice) are probably sitting there putting the two together right now.

You would be right to assume that I was one of the many who got to meet the man in the flesh, but one of the few that were invited to the Howler Party hosted at the Hodder & Stoughton HQ itself which in itself was incredible because obviously… BOOKS!


And look at the pretty view it boasted! (photo creds to my father who begrudgingly attended the party with me)


So I had never been to a book launch type party before (or any author event actually) and it was painfully obvious that I was the youngest in attendance, both of which equated to a very awkward first 30 minutes of me standing around doing not much at all (if nearly crying from awkwardness and fright counts as nothing) I finally got the courage to go up to the rather large table with a plethora of things on its surface…. pens, funky pieces of paper where you could write the reasons why you loved the series (which of course was everything because it is an amazing trilogy with very little fault to it) and TEMPORARY TATTOOS. Yes, you read that right – a bunch of very mature, (for the most part) adults at a party where temporary tattoos were available – and boy, was everyone excited.


No… I wasn’t joking

So there was me, the socially awkward potato writing my reason for loving the series (which was Sevro…. amongst other things of course, like the impeccable writing style) and Pierce himself walks up to me… and starts doodling an arrow dripping blood over the heart that I so artistically added to my wonky handwriting…. I totally didn’t panic.


He stated that it was simply what Sevro would do… and I do wholeheartedly agree!

After a bit of a chat I slowly edged away to allow myself to stop internally squealing (because joy ensues when you meet one of your ultimate favourite authors… believe me) and somehow continued to be a carrot in the corner of the room. That was until I gathered up sufficient courage to go beyond my comfort zone and go up to a group of people who looked like they would  judge me the least for having the social grace of Beast at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. BEST DECISION EVER!

 We hit off  almost immediately which only seemed to prove to me the welcoming nature of the book blogging community. I want to take a minute to thank them for making my night memorable and so, so much more fun – I don’t think I would have lasted very long at the party without Sally (@TheDarkDictator… although it will always be TheDuckDictator from now on and I’m only partially sorry), Dani (@dani_reviews), Anissa (@anissareads – who introduced me to her bookish subscription box Fairy Loot which I have been considering ordering because of the funky stuff included in it!), Chantelle (@oh_thestories) and many others including Daphne, the owner of Illumicrate and no other but the author, Non Pratt – who was lovely and gave some kick-ass advice when it came to writing, inspiring me to dig out the largely unfinished manuscript hiding under my bed in hope of finishing it one day. I can only hope that I will be able to see them again in the near (after exam) future!

Sally and I then went up to Pierce to ask to get my books signed, as well as take some photos at which point I also decided to sort of… kind of… maybe… berate him for something he did in Morning Star that greatly displeased and hurt me, but also told him that I was also glad he fixed it in the way that he did because I couldn’t have forgiven him otherwise because I nearly yelled at my father on the way to the party  (at which point I got a fist-bump). Instead of becoming inarticulate like I pictured myself being around authors, I did the complete opposite and continued to gush over the series; Pierce somehow didn’t tell me to stop butt-licking him but actually seemed genuine in telling me that my words meant a lot to him. Then came photo time, and luckily Sally’s photo skills were much better than mine, as were her ‘steal Pierce’s drink’ skills which were quite funny to observe.

The night overran for what I presume was much more than the extra hour that I stayed – and yet Pierce was nothing but patient and kind in his encounters with everyone, answering each and every question with care, including mine which involved some perverted unicorns which was of course the most normal thing I could have asked, but hey ho, right?

The night was a huge success so I’d like to say a big thank you to Hodderscape for inviting me to the wonderful evening and giving me the chance to meet some of the loveliest people I’ve met to date!

Pierce and I.jpg

Pierce and I – photo creds to Sally

My Rating of the night: 1000/5 Stars 

“Hic sunt leones”

-House Augustus


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