Discussion: Spine Breaking

So this week I decided to try something different and new – a discussion post! I’m still not 100% sure how it’s supposed to work, but I can attempt it… right? Any tips, or improvement suggestions for future posts are welcome 🙂

I have met people who do every possible option out there. Break spines, break some spines but not others, break spines but get upset and angry about it, or fear breaking spines like some fear Satan himself… Which, let’s just face it – is a lot.

When I was a wee child (read: silly 11 year old) – I used to break almost all spines and not think too much about it because who has the time to waste on such trivial matters… right? Right? WRONG.

shudder ryan reynolds.gif

The above is an accurate representation of me when I think about the possibility of even putting one tiny line on the spine of a book… Okay – mayyybeee that’s a slight exaggeration, but I thought Ryan illustrated it really well.

And before anyone says something (I’ve heard people get pretty offended about these sometimes). No. I do not care what anyone else does to their books – it is just a personal preference of mine.

Who knows? Maybe this will change in a few years time – maybe I’ll mature and think that this little obsession with pristine book spines was inane and pointless, maybe I won’t and it will remain somewhat a pet peeve of mine, I guess we just wait and see.

Do you break spines? Or, like me did you once and then decided to stop? Tell me in the comments below 🙂


6 thoughts on “Discussion: Spine Breaking

  1. I probably once didn’t care about breaking spines but I so do now! And if I break it by accident, I get so mad. It’s so sad to see a broken spine on my book shelf!

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  2. I didn’t mind if the spines of my books were in good condition or not when I was a kid either, which is why all of my children’s books from when I was young don’t really look that good. xD

    However, when I got older, I grew to appreciate keeping my books in good condition, so now I do my best not to ruin my books’ spines these days. Though sometimes I really can’t help it. :/ Then again, if I’m the one who does it, then I might forgive myself for it, but if my friends do it after I lent it to them, then we’re going to have to talk. xD Great post!

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Glad I wasn’t the only irresponsible child haha. Although, I do agree that some spines are just broken by accident and there’s nothing you can do about it. As you said, you can forgive yourself… but friends…. yeah – they’re not touching my books again unless they are truly sorry


  3. I actually never broke my book’s spines, not even when I was young! I always kept my books in mint condition, and I totally freaked out if one of my pages got even a little bit bent, if the bottom of the spine got a gash in it, or, worst of all… if the spine broke. I only open my books as far as they’ll go without the spine breaking! Ugh, even the thought of it makes me cringe, which this GIF illustrates totally, completely perfectly.
    -Sydney ♥

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    • Hi Sydney! You sound so much like me now, my mother always questions why I sit there with a barely open book attempting to read haha – I do it for my own sanity more than anything. I’m glad you’ve found the gif as relevant as I did 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


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