ARC Review: Occupy Me – Tricia Sullivan

Synopsis: occupy me cover

A woman with wings that exist in another dimension. A man trapped in his own body by a killer. A briefcase that is a door to hell. A conspiracy that reaches beyond our world. Breathtaking SF from a Clarke Award-w
inning author.

Tricia Sullivan has written an extraordinary, genre defining novel that begins with the mystery of a woman who barely knows herself and ends with a discovery that transcends space and time. On the way we follow our heroine as she attempts to track down a killer in the body of another man, and the man who has been taken over, his will trapped inside the mind of the being that has taken him over.

And at the centre of it all a briefcase that contains countless possible realities.

Tricia Sullivan returns to the genre with a book that will define the conversation within the genre and will show what it is capable of for years to come. This is the best book yet from a writer of exceedingly rare talent who is much loved in the genre world.

I received a free eARC copy of this book courtesy of Orion Publishing Group via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Let me just say…. this book has been the biggest disappointment for me for a good few years now. I am aware that other people had enjoyed it… but I really was not feeling it when I tried to read it.

And try I did… I gave it 52% before I decided that I just COULD NOT continue because I swear I threw up a little whilst dying inside whenever the random flashes of second person narrative popped up as though they belonged (in my humble opinion, they really didn’t).

disgusted jack sparrow.gif

And I mean… I see that it could have been effective, and that it probably should have been considering the whole idea of a man trapped in his own body by another – but I feel as though the premise presented by the synopsis was completely different to what I actually received, which definitely wasn’t a good thing because I was really hoping that this book would turn out to be one that I liked.

The appearance of particularly heavy swear words (of the “c” word variety) around 100 pages in played a huge part in what made me decide to put down the book in hoping of finding one that fit me slightly better. I mean, I’m not one to shy away from cursing – I have times when I swear like a sailor in a particularly provoking situation. But the writing was already so disjointed and made my brain hurt so much whilst trying to piece everything together that I really could not take much else.

I was somewhat upset after I put it down, because the story was definitely one I was looking forward to exploring,  completely intrigued by the synopsis I was excited to start the novel and felt almost sorry for the fact that I hadn’t finished it. Because perhaps it would have gotten better and therefore deserved a higher rating than the one I have decided to give it…

Albeit at present, I cannot even say that I will be giving it another go, however I am storing it safely on my Kindle just in case I ever do decide that I was simply incredibly unfair to this novel and/or that it deserves another chance. For now, my rating remains unchanged…

My Rating: 0.5/5 Stars

“That you have to push against the immovable. You have to push. Even if you haven’t got a prayer of moving it. Because even if you don’t move it, you’ll change yourself. You’ll change something. Something will break open. That’s where my heart is on that one.”

-Occupy Me


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