Book Review: Never Tear Us Apart – Monica Murphy

Synopsis: never tear us apart cover

Perfect for readers of Colleen Hoover, Jay Crownover, and K. A. Tucker, the first novel in this darkly sexy contemporary series from bestselling author Monica Murphy kicks off an emotionally powerful two-part tale of forbidden love.
A long time ago, when I was fifteen and a completely different person, I saved a girl’s life. I spent only a handful of hours with her, but somehow, we connected—and I’ve never been the same. No one understands what we went through. No one knows what it’s like to be us. We survived, yet I don’t feel like I’m really living—until now. Eight years later, I find her. I want to make her mine. I need to make her mine.  But she’ll hate me forever when she finds out who I really am.

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of  Headline Eternal via Bookbridr in exchange for an honest review.

This was definitely a slow burn romance. Or as slow burn as the circumstances allowed it considering the potent link between the two protagonists, their connection as well as palpable chemistry made this book a pleasant read.

The characters separately left me with some conflicted emotions.

Ethan whilst a surprisingly mature adolescent (man, I’m not 100% sure any guy my age (or at least that I know of) would act the way he did in that situation, which could render it slightly improbable in real circumstances to some readers; however I thought it was greatly commendable and I  am somewhat thankful for it too), turned out to be a bit of a chicken as an adult. I felt that he kept his identity secret for wayyyyyyy too long; if he hadn’t done so, I think that the book may have just flowed a little better and lost a bit of length, which it totally could have without detracting from the story itself. I felt like shaking them both by the shoulders at parts.

urge to kill rising.gif

However, generally, I have to say that Katie annoyed me much less.

More importantly though, this book dealt with incredibly difficult subject matter in a way that was tactful and not overly showy. I felt it was a good representation of what rape can do to a person, and what sort of effects it has on its victims years after it happened.

It also illustrated (and I’m going to sound like a mum saying this – which is great, considering the fact that I’m definitely much too young to be one) the dangers of today’s world, especially for children who have not been educated about them. I think that if Katie’s parents had at least warned her of the so-called “stranger danger” in a more, uh, explicit manner – she would have possibly not ended up in as much trouble as she did.

Structurally, I very much enjoyed the mixture of flashbacks and present. But in saying that, some chapters were shorter than my nonexistent…. I’m not going to finish that sentence, but you can probably tell where it was going; and I feel as though that unfortunately ruined it a little bit for me. Some of them were just not developed enough for me to completely grasp what was happening within them just to be launched straight into the present/past/completely different POV.

However, whilst the length of the chapters bothered me, I do have to say that Murphy did it much better than some of the previous titles that I had read earlier this year so it didn’t really take away that much from the overall reading experience, so kudos to her.

I do not think I will be returning to this book for a while at least, but not because I did not enjoy it as such, but because the format of it, as well as its contents are very much the type of book that gets slightly worse because you know exactly what is going to happen, the element of surprise you have the first time reading it is completely taken away and the experience just isn’t as good which may alter your opinion on the book. And I do not want that to happen with this particular title – so for now, it is going to rest safely on my shelves.

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

“There are no take-backs in life”  



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