Book Review: Blue Waters – India R. Adams

Synopsis:blue waters cover.jpg

“The blue water I sank through was angelic, quiet, peaceful…”

Whitney is a vivacious, highly spirited 17-year-old girl. Her motto, “Live life to the fullest” is derailed when the young man, who’s captured her attention, turns out to be the son of a drug tycoon- the same that provided the drugs that killed her brother. Whitney believes she simply need to heal from her first heartache, not knowing she is a part of a devious trade, one against human rights, and she has been… since the day age was born.

Blue Waters is the first Novella in a Tainted Waters, and begins a story of deception, corruption, self-discovery, and love with all that it demands you sacrifice…

“There was a beauty in dying that day…”

I received a copy of this novella courtesy of India’s Productions via NetGalley  in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, if someone told me I would fall completely and utterly in love with a person’s writing and characters in a mere 112 pages, I would have laughed in their face and told them it was impossible… this novella proved me wrong.

In one hundred and twelve incredible pages India R. Adams weaved a complete masterpiece, from her descriptions, to the way in which the beginning related to the end (I honestly love books which seamlessly achieve that) and the characters were so wonderfully thought out I had no complaints.

Can we just talk about the phenomenal quality of the writing, this particularly unsettling quote is still stuck in my head to this day whenever I think of the novella: “There was a beauty in dying that day…”.I just think that it has such an eerie effect and it was honestly perfectly chosen for the scene in which it was written.

Whitney and Crash had undeniable chemistry, but what pleased me the most was the character-fricking-development that they both went through. Honestly, for such a short novella, Adams achieved much much more than some authors could in 500 pages. There was no insta-love (unless one counts as an undeniable attraction as insta-love, but I did find that the relationship actually developed instead of going straight to “oh I love you so much and I can’t imagine my life without you despite meeting you, oh – about five seconds ago”), there was no love triangle, the “star-crossed lovers” thing actually worked for once in my life. Even the supporting characters were developed past empty husks of names, I mean, one of the Russian mafia men made me laugh a ridiculous amount – honestly, what more could I ask for.

Filled with snark and sarcasm, this  book seemed as though it would turn out to be a rather light read. wrong wrong wrong.gif

Yeah, no. By the end, I had probably cried enough tears to fill a bathtub, the story tugged at my tearducts in the same way that it played with my heartstrings, which was to be quite frank, a lot.

Adams kept the intrigue of the plot up with numerous plot twists I had not seen coming, I thought those added immensely to the entire effect that the book had on me and definitely engaged me greatly throughout.

Honestly, the only negative thing about the book was the fact that it inevitably came to a close, however I am going to read Black Waters (the sequel) in the very near future, as I am irrevocably in love with India’s work and cannot wait to return to the world of this novella, I’m also particularly excited about it as I have heard that any minor plot-holes in this novella were perfectly filled in in the next one.

I would not hesitate to say that this book was the best novella I had ever had the chance to read, and I’m hoping that Black Waters either tops this, or comes a close second.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

“There was a beauty in dying that day…”


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