October Wrap-Up


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This month has been fairly uneventful, which I’m grateful for given the monstrosity that was September, I have settled back into the rhythm of my old school, which is thankfully so much more manageable (albeit almost tediously so sometimes).

Honestly, I can’t really say much more about the month.

For those of you who haven’t noticed, I am now posting twice a week, on a Wednesday/Thursday as well as my usual Saturday post which is proving good for the stats of this blog – I’m really glad that it’s helping me share my passion for reading as well as my opinions on my reads with more and more people and I’m excited to see where it’ll all go.


READ: 10% of my Goodreads goal (5 Books)

  • 13 Minutes – Sarah Pinborough
  • Heartless – Marissa Meyer
  • Defender – G.X. Todd
  • Imperfect Love – Isabella White
  • Hello Me, It’s You – Hannah Todd (I have never cried through a whole book before this one)

Currently Reading:



Okay, okay… I might have requested and received a few more books than I was supposed to this month, well, in my defense it is only 3 titles, two of which I have already read; and the third being Sara Barnard’s 2017 release – A Quiet Kind of Thunder which I am looking forward to reviewing before its release date.  So all in all, I do think that my unwritten contract of not getting more books is still pretty much on track, amirite?

Have you read any of the books above? Or perhaps want to recommend any of your October reads for me to read this month – drop me a comment below:)

Tis “the witching time of night”, / Orbed is the moon and bright, / And the stars they glisten, glisten, / Seeming with bright eyes to listen —

John Keats


Feel free to share your thoughts below :)

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