Discussion: Blogging Burnout

SO this has actually been an issue of mine for quite a long while now and I guess that this post is also an update of sorts as well as a discussion.

I do not know why, or how, or when but at some point along the line I have started viewing this whole blogging thing as a chore more than anything else.

The enjoyment of it seeped out, leaving me where I am currently: unable to think of ideas for more original content (instead of just reviews, although those seem to be received quite well by my audience – so big thanks for that) and with very little will to blog at all – because without new ideas, is there really a point?

BUT for some reason I cannot bring myself to do anything about it – I’ve heard of people taking hiatuses to focus on their lives, and if  I was being honest I could probably do with one of those seeing as there are a lot of things going on at the moment. From deciding my entire future in the next 6 months and keeping my grades up to a high enough standard to allow me to pursue my aspirations in medicine, to my private life and all the issues that may arise in that from time to time, one could definitely say that I have quite a lot on my plate. And okay, maybe in retrospect this period of my life won’t seem at all that bad but currently, it is a lot to deal with and I can’t say I feel like I’m doing a good job balancing the whole thing.

And yet even with all that going on in the background, I still continue to write my blog – so maybe not all hope is lost in that respect. Although in recent days I have also hit a major reading slump to the point where it has now basically been two entire weeks since I touched a book…. which, uh… yeah doesn’t help the feeling of utter uselessness when in comes to this whole blogging thing.

So I guess the real point of this post was to open it up to you guys: have you ever experienced something similar to my situation, or maybe just a plain old blogging burnout? How did you deal with it – are there any tips that you would tell your past self now that could possibly help me as well? 


2 thoughts on “Discussion: Blogging Burnout

  1. I’m currently in quite a blogging slump. I have almost no motivation to write reviews and it all kind of started when I began grad school a year and a half ago. I’m done with school now and I’ve tried scheduling and writing a batch of reviews at once, but then I do that one time and I’m behind again. I’ve tried calendaring and looking ahead at what I’m going to be posting… It really has become something of a chore! Writing reviews has just become really hard for me all of the sudden and I’m not sure why. So not that I have any advice for you, I just wanted to let you know I’m in the same boat haha 😉


  2. I’ve been in a similar situation many times – there are days when the thought of blogging just kind of depresses me, and I can go for a week or more without posting more than a single book review. This is probably how I’ve managed to get so ridiculously far behind in my reviews. It’s even worse when I’m in a blogging AND reading slump. It doesn’t last forever, though, which is what I always tell myself when I’m feeling down. Usually after a week or so I’m back and ready to go! I wish you the best with it!


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