Hi and welcome to my blog 🙂

They say that about pages are like the windows to the soul…. (or was that eyes?)

My name is Aleksandra, but unless you are my enraged mother, I do kind of expect to be called Ola (which is not only easier to spell but is also the Polish diminutive of Aleksandra – and no… I don’t know how or why, but it is – so roll with it). I’ve been called it for so long that my full name just doesn’t sound right sometimes.

I live in the rainy land of England so most of the time you can find me in my room, or at school, or perhaps at the odd bookshop or two (where I tend to spend hours at a time if I do get the chance to enter- which happens rarely due to my compulsive spending whenever I cross the sacred threshold) probably with my face looking something like this…

creepy smile.gif

Because at heart, I’m a fangirl of many dimensions, times and genres : books, TV shows and films alike, and I do get very excited when given the opportunity to explore new worlds and their possibilities, which is also why I set up this blog.

Over time, I’ve had many of my friends ask me, “What even is your blog name?” Meaning simply that their Latin education is lacking, as the rough translation would be “burning books”… Which I don’t recommend you do, but I have a plan in which I could utilise the whole burning idea in my reviews … once my meagre budget allows me to design my own theme and perhaps self host too.

Another question was always, “But why would you blog?” and the answer to that one was always quite clear to me, reading has always been my passion (more on that can be read here) and I just think that if I can influence even one person to read a book because of me spilling my thoughts about it on this very website, then I’ve already accomplished something wonderful – as the power of reading can literally change lives and I’d love to share it with as many people as possible.

So thank you for stopping by, and thanks to all the people who read and support what I write, because without them, the road would have been a lot more lonely.

Stay lovely and never stop dreaming,

Ola xox


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