Book Review: A Summer Like No Other – Elodie Nowodazkij


She’s his best friend’s little sister. He’s the biggest player of them all.

They shouldn’t be together. But this summer’s just too tempting.

Sixteen-year-old Emilia Moretti’s goal for the summer is simple: forget her brother’s best friend—Nick Grawsky—ever existed. It should be easy: He’s spending his summer in the Hamptons, adding girls in tiny bikinis to his list of broken hearts. Guarantee he won’t be telling them they’re like his little sisters. This summer, Emilia won’t stay awake at night thinking about him. She’ll need flawless ballet movements to have a shot at next year’s showcase, and she’s finally ready to search for her birth parents. But when Nick decides to stay in the city, Emilia’s resolve disappears in a pirouette. Maybe it’s the spin they needed to be together. As long as she doesn’t get stuck believing in happily ever after…

Nick is tired of pretending to be the happy, let’s-have-fun guy. His father wants him to change his career from professional dancer to…lawyer. He needs to put all of his focus on dancing to prove to Daddy Dearest he’s good enough to make it big. And he may have a case of the bluest balls in history courtesy of Emilia. She’s off-limits: The bro code with Roberto even forbids the dirty thoughts he has about her. Besides, he’s not boyfriend material. He only has time for flings, for girls who don’t expect much, for girls he doesn’t want to kiss goodnight. He knows he should resist her, but he’s not sure he wants to…

I received an e-edition of this book courtesy of Victory Editing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book left me feeling disappointed. It wasn’t awful, don’t get me wrong but there just wasn’t much that I could hang on to when it came to things that I actually could say I loved about it.

In fact, the best thing about this entire book was probably the fact that it was in split POV between Emilia and Nick and after reading many reviews where people have enjoyed books more solely because of this factor, you’d think authors would have gotten the gist by now and would have provided us with more of these sorts of books… But no, we are still left with the same (rather low at that) number of these novels and it’s a darn shame because it’s good to have the guy’s perspective in a romance novel – a lot of the time there’s a lot more to their characters than a singular girl POV let’s on and a lot of their motives and actions are explained better in their own words (which makes total sense of course.)

However, on the other hand – this romance missed the point of belonging to the romance genre. I felt no chemistry between the characters – their relationship was as bland as plain crackers (and we’re talking the salt-less kind here as well) which didn’t bode well with the fact that it seemed to be based on primarily physical aspects. And while I respect the fact that both of them being dancers would have provided them with quite attractive bodies… it just didn’t work for me.

In saying that, the ‘romance’ took over the story almost entirely which was a shame because Emilia’s quest to find her parents was probably the only remotely interesting thing about her character and that was taken away by her constant desire for all things Nick related… However, I did admire her resilience when it came to that particular issue – on the rare occasion that she remembered that she should be actively looking for them she did actually manage to get a few things done which was really commendable as she stuck through the hardships of it all.

The supporting characters were pretty good and I feel like they did a decent job at keeping our heroine on track when she was down (which of course would happen as a result of baggage which came along with the fact that she was adopted) which was quite nice to see despite the fact that she didn’t seem to acknowledge the fact herself.

The novella read at a pleasing pace thanks to Nowodazkij’s style which I think saved it, and while I think that it sets the scene quite well for the next novel. I don’t think that I will be reading the sequel in the near future, solely because I think I can tell what will actually happen within it and so don’t particularly see the point. Albeit I think it’d be a pleasant surprise if I turned out to be wrong so I guess we shall see.

My Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


Book Review: Black Waters – India R. Adams


The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

Whitney Summers is Link’s best friend. He would do anything for her, even sacrifice their friendship to protect her. Whitney believes she understands what is transpiring in her life, but so much stirs beneath the surface. As her closest friend and protector, Link faces the darkness in his own life to guard the girl he loves.
This is Link’s story…

There was no beauty in her dying that day…



I received an eCopy of this book courtesy of the lovely author herself in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, I did not know that it was possible to rewrite a book from another person’s perspective and still make me feel approximately


All of the things were felt whilst reading this novel, from sadness to anticipation, to fear, to outright happiness when the ending rolled around (and not because the book was awful and I was relieved, but because it was a heartwarming ending which I will forever be thankful for because it was honestly such a good conclusion to the novella).

I have to say that I probably should have re-read Blue Waters before starting Black Waters, but it did trigger enough memories of the prequel-ish-not-really for me to be able to fully enjoy it. And enjoy it I did.

This book was so damn detailed I honestly wish all authors cared enough to pad out secondary characters enough to be able to accomplish what India did within the limited page count. Characters I had not cared for or understood before suddenly became incredibly important? I actually understood the actions of Link’s father much more than I had during Blue Waters.

For some reason, though, I could not connect with Link as much as I had with Whitney, at least during the first half of the book, before major events and reveals happened which put his character in a much different, and a slightly more favourable light.

As you may already be able to tell, this book truly was the perfect companion of its predecessor, all the gaps and questions were filled in perfectly and India didn’t stop there.

We were also introduced to completely new ideas, courtesy of Whit’s oblivious state in Blue Waters. Link’s narrative presents us with what seemed like concrete information which seemed like things that really shouldn’t have been able to go unnoticed during the previous novella. So many twists in such a short space of time, my mind was reeling – it was WONDERFUL.

I cannot criticise this book, much alike I was not able to find anything wrong with Blue Waters; the writing style, the characters, the pace amalgamated into another amazing novella; so huge kudos to India R. Adams for writing this series.

My Rating: 4.75 Stars/5 Stars

“There was no beauty in her dying that day…”