So this post is an apology of sorts I guess, at one point during the last few months I went through a period of just not wanting to post – I would use the excuse of exams, I really would, but my real AS level exams totalled to a small number of 3; and started and were over with before I even knew it… As for mocks, they did add a bit of stress to the whole ordeal, and they’re not over yet – and yet I’m still writing this post so clearly… I really can’t blame school for my hiatus. shame.gif

At points I wished to have a slightly psychotic nun above me forcing me to do a metaphorical blogging walk of shame, but I didn’t and so  I dragged my absence out a little more than I intended to.

And honestly, at the start of it all I didn’t expect it to last so long, but I’m also not going to lie – at some points I didn’t expect to be returning at all. It seemed as though all the joy was sucked completely out of reading and blogging followed suit. And voilà! It resulted in a very demotivated Ola and no new content on the blog…

 But with time I discovered that I didn’t have to limit myself to the books I had been given to review (and often prioritised over books which I actually wanted to read for my own personal satisfaction, because y’know – logic) and discovered a new genre that it turns out I actually really like reading,  which is not only good because it helped me get back into reading, but because it involves medical and scientific books it will also help me with my chosen career path – so it basically did a very good job at killing two important birds with one stone.

Speaking of medical books and medicine, I might post a review of the books I come across from that genre here and there from now on, and I might start documenting my own journey into the medical world, as long and as complicated it may get – but who knows, maybe someone out there will relate to it, maybe it can help someone. But most importantly, I’d like to have something to look back to.

But of course, I am not about to forget the real reason for which this blog was created, to share my passion for reading – and now to share my journey to refinding and refueling that passion. I did come up with some ideas for an original series of posts that I might do at one point or another which will allow me to get my creative juices flowing – which is also something I’ve greatly missed during my leave.

In basic terms, I want this blog to feel like something that I actually created again, and not something pieced together from posts I was in a way, obliged to do. I think I’m ready to come back to this blogging thing, but this time – it will be on my own terms.

A huge thank you to those who stuck around during my little blunder – I will try my very very best to not disappear without a warning again.

“Per Aspera Ad Astra”

Red Rising, Pierce Brown


A *little* Update

So in the last week, I’ve probably read a grand total of 100 pages or so

j2 gasps.gif

I know… I know… I should be thoroughly ashamed – 100 pages split in 7 days would mean I basically only read 14 pages a day… Which is appalling by my own standards (although in reality I read about 60 of those pages yesterday which probably makes the whole situation even worse).

How? You ask, how could you only read 100 pages in the space of 168 hours ? Well, you see – there are these things called exams and my school just happen to be obsessed with the concept of doing as many as possible whilst expecting us to achieve good grades.

that's impossible

Well apparently it isn’t… and so my usual quality reading time has been reduced to virtually nothing in the past few days because of 13 exams starting next Wednesday which is infuriating – but at least I’m hoping for my grades to make up for that and if they don’t … well I’d rather not think about how annoyed I would be, and the consequences that would follow (and only a part of those would be the effects of my wrath on the school, which would also mean unfortunate repercussions for me *shudders at the idea of attending the hell that the school decided to dub “Biscuit Club” – a club aimed at the delinquents students who fail to reach the standards set by the school under the pretense of giving them biscuits whilst they study *.)

But whilst there is that impending disaster, there are some good news as well :

 I’ve had the chance to become the editor of another blog after receiving an email from a friend from school asking me for help setting up her blog (because I’ve made sure that all my friends know I own one myself and I guess they think I’m good enough at this whole thing to be able to actually help them – which is a nice thought). So I’d like to say a big thank you to Libby over at the Freedom in Books Blog for giving me this opportunity – you may see some of my influence over there as time progresses.

I have also had the opportunity to use my blogging  skills in a practice exam – who knew it would ever come in handy? But it did, and the teacher who normally despises me said that my blog-post-style piece on a place that had stayed in my memory (the place being Auschwitz – because who doesn’t like depressing themselves in English class) was “beautiful” and “an honour to read”… which is sliiightly ironic seeing as I have never actually visited the place – despite wanting to for a while now. So I guess I have blogging to thank for the best mark I’ve achieved in English these past few weeks – which is also lovely.

I’ve also received a Press Release of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s upcoming novel Oblivion (Lux Series 1.5) – if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, or even heard of JLA herself, I would totally recommend reading her books, her writing style is impeccable and never fails to bring me out of a reading slump – I really cannot wait to devour the book in all its entirety.

Speaking of books, I’m also hoping to go see the second part of the film adaptation of Mockingjay tomorrow, so keep me in your thoughts if you can because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to survive the onslaught of feels that will most probably attack me. I will probably incorporate a little spoiler-free review of that in my next post (or maybe even make it its own post – because the film looks like it may just deserve it.

Ending with some motivational words, and one of my favourite quotes when it comes to exam period and general incentive to do anything.

“Work hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself”

Unknown (if anyone knows the author – tell me in the comments below)